Travel west to east up Cherry Street in this virtual tour to see the rich layers of 100 years of Grand Rapids architectural history from historic mansions to mid-century commercial on one vibrant street!  

Cherry Street is an amazing street. Throughout Grand Rapids history, this street been home to the estates of many of Grand Rapids most prominent citizens.  The street runs east to west, and is the next main street south of the Fulton Street Corridor and north of Wealthy Street. 

It's a great walk!  This relatively short stretch of Cherry Street has an eclectic representation of architectural styles from lovely old homes to early and mid-twentieth century apartment buildings to commercial office buildings and galleries and small parks and monumental buildings.  One example is the D.A. Blodgett Home for Children, now the Inner City Christian Federation.   The virtual tour below gives you an idea of the richness of the architecture and brief descriptions of the history of each home and building.  Keep scrolling down to enjoy this walk through Grand Rapids architectural history.  More buildings will be added to this list as the research continues.

To link to the Cherry Street Tour in a Google map format link here: