This is a partial list of builders working in the Greater Grand Rapids Area from 1860 - 1970.  It is a work in progress.  If you know of an architect missing from this list, use the Contact Form.  Eventually each name will be linked to more information about the architect or builder or to a principal work they designed.

Bert Aalsberg

George T. Appleyard

Armstrong & Company Builders

Bachman Builders

J.O. Barkwell & Barkwell Builders

C.F. Barnes

John Barth & Sons

Battjes Builders

W.A. Bellamy


Blakeslee Brothers

Edward Bletcher

Bolhuis Builders

Andrew Bolt

Fannie & Fred Boylon

James Bronkema

Richard Brooks

George Brower and Son

C. F. Camp

L.M. Conrad & Company

Randall Cooper

Clyde Cowies

James Cusack, R. L. Cusick, Cusick & Phelps

Damstra Builders

George Datema & Son

Decker & Jean



DeVos Construction

Douglas J. Dok, John Leonard Dok III, Dok Builders

Corrie Dykman Builder

John Ebels

E. Eisenach Contractor

Edward J. Esch

Charles Fisher Builder

Nathaniel Fisk

Edward Fletcher

George Framm

John Ganzl Contractor

S.G. Graves

Charles Griggs

Harry Hakes

James Haven Contractor

Bud & Percy Hawkins

G. J. Heckman

A.E. Heintzelman

Howard Huyser

Ivanek, Barclay M. 

Kinsey & Buys

Herman Knoll

James Knowlton

H. Kuiper

Joel Leslie

Paul Lovell


A.W. Morgan

George Morris

James/Jerry Oldenkamp

L.P. Oltman

Charles Olund

Oosterink Builders

Owens-Ames-Kimball Contractors (also Hauser, Owens & Ames

L. C. Parmenter

L.K. Parsons & Son


Keith Pratt

F. W. Richards

H. H. Roelofs

Rumsey & Works



Jordan Sheperd

Spears Lumber

William Spooner

Harry Floyd Stiles, Frederick Edward Stiles

TerVeen Builders

Bert Timmer

William D. Tucker

Harold Turner

John Van Oostenbrugge

E.J. Van Sweden